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Oct 2, 2012 8:00am PDT
bob to the surface. isn't that true? that's because the buoyancy acting on you turns out to be a little bit greater than your weight. so the net force is up. but i often wondered what happens to someone who swims very, very deep, maybe closing their eyes 'cause the water's smarting their eye. and they're very, very deep. and they stop and they keep-- they just wait until they bob to the surface and they wait, they wait, they wait, they wait and clunk. oh, gosh. [laughter] then you're all out of breath. because it turns out when you get deeper and deeper, you don't get as much buoyancy acting on you. can anyone figure out why? really, really deep, the pressure gonna be more? more. do i change the volume of this with more pressure? no. not very much. how about like a balloon? very much. how about--aren't you a little bit like a balloon? you got lungs, honey? air in the lungs. can that air be compressed? - yeah. - huh? so what happens to your volume as you go deeper and deeper? smaller. you get scrunched up, so the buoyancy gets more or less? - less. - less. and it might not be enou
Oct 4, 2012 7:30pm PDT
any event, you can in fact hear devout hasidic jews praying with the characteristic bobbing action, and what are they doing? they're reciting some of the great ancient mythic drams that may come out of the psalms or other prayers, to try to resolve back to that talmudic passage. what kind of vain hatred causes us to be in this situation where just the one wall is left of the temple, but what can that say about our relationship with god? so if we could go to the roll-in on the western wall, you can get a sense of the power here. [chanting and prayer recital] >> we're at the western wall, the last remaining wall of the second temple, which is one of the most holy shrines in the world, and certainly the most holy to the jews. here's where their prayers ascend directly to heaven, and here's where they come to feel the presence of yahweh, the lord. a very special feeling - jew or no jew, you can't help but be overwhelmed by the power, or what we might call the numinous experience that you have in this spot. >> i come to pray here because we believe that all the prayers in the whole worl
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2